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The Asgard™ Concept

As a complete series of lifestyle audio products Asgard™ is designed to fill the home with music. User friendliness and functionality are keywords for the Asgard™ products, and they fit into every home - whether a classic home or a trendy modern home decor. The Asgard™ speakers provide soft, pleasant and detailed sound by using wireless music streaming technologies. Flexibility via the built-in battery and MultiRoom functionality in the Wi-Fi version makes this FREYA a daily enjoyable companion. Furthermore the Wi-Fi versions can be setup and controlled by the Asgard™ App easily and convenient.


FREYA - A Wi-Fi Speaker

The Wi-Fi version of our FREYA speaker supports AirPlay and DLNA. You can use any compatible streaming service (App) to listen to your favorite music wirelessly, when connected to your network. The built-in battery and Music Direct function enables on-the-go usability. Supports MultiRoom functionality (via DLNA only) so you can enjoy music all over your home. 

FREYA - A Bluetooth Speaker

The FREYA Bluetooth version lets you stream music from any compatible Bluetooth device (Phone, PC, Tablet etc.). Easy and well known bluetooth connectivity together with built-in battery gives you the freedom to use it everywhere. Use two FREYA Bluetooth speakers and pair them in Stereo mode for a pure Hi-Fi experience.


FREYA - Pastel


The FREYA speakers are now available in 3 beautiful pastel colors. All 3 colors are available with bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so any room can be personalized with the newest technologies.

ODIN - Large Stereo Speaker

Odin is the ruler of Asgard - home of the gods - and the father of Thor. He is the most powerful god - but with a soft touch.