Clint Digital


A New Look

The new Clint Digital product line, Asgard™ is designed and developed in corporation with Phillip Bodum.

Phillip is a graduate from Parsons School of Design in New York where he still lives and works. As his roots are from Denmark he has a strong dedication to details, materials and functionality.


Exploring Models

The iconic holes in the metal speaker grills, are consistent through out the Asgard™ series. Even in all packaging, manuals and presentations will it shine through.

We believe it is all in the details, which is our main focus for any Clint product. Clints design and development is focused on ”less-is-more” and it is important to us that any unnecessary buttons and functions are eliminated.



The materials are vital, not only to give music lovers a high quality product, but also to make the product last longer.

The materials we use are all from high-end steel and grade-A aluminum, providing the products with a very elegant look that differs from other products.

The control buttons are placed on top of the speakers for easy and convenient operation.
We are only using specific vendors and manufacturers who are responsible and sustainable in their manufacturing process.


The Inside Also Counts...

It is important for us that you not only purchase a speaker or a radio - but an experience.
Clint products are developed with latest technology and grade-A components.

Our AsgardTM streaming series are approved by Apple for Airplay and it has DLNA, Multiroom, FCC, CE, ROHS and all other relevant approvals for each market sold to.

We thrive to use the latest and most stable Bluetooth technology, and our DAB+ radios are also using modules from top vendors.