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Clint - What Does It Mean?

Definition of Clint | klint |

The word clint is of Scandinavian origin and are related to a rock formation called klint “cliff”.

At Clint Digital we define our name with solid and good quality audio and video products.


Clint’s Philosophy

A Good Speaker

The current audio market is filled with over-complicated, - over-designed and under-performing products.

We started Clint Digital and the range of Asgard™ by going back to basics with a clear approach for using quality materials, design, functionality and simplicity – just like our Nordic ancestors have done before us.

Clint Digital products are designed and developed by audio lovers from Denmark who will always strive to make better and functional audio products.


Clint’s quality

The Inside Also Counts...

It is important for us that you not only purchase a speaker or a radio - but an experience.
Clint products are developed with latest technology and grade-A components.

Our AsgardTM streaming series are approved by Apple for Airplay and it has DLNA, Multiroom, FCC, CE, ROHS and all other relevant approvals for each market sold to.

We thrive to use the latest and most stable Bluetooth technology, and our DAB+ radios are also using modules from top vendors.


Clint - Concept

Defining Clint

As a complete series of lifestyle electronics - Asgard™ is developed to fill a home with music.

User friendliness and clean aesthetics are keywords for the Asgard™ products and they fit into every home - whether a classic home or a modern trendy home.

The Asgard™ speakers provide a soft, pleasant and detailed sound. They bring the user the convenience of flexible audio products through multiroom and streaming functionality based on a simple setup in our Clint app.


Clint - The Story

In Norse mythology Asgard is the world of the Norse Gods and Goddesses, known for their toughness, endurance and power. Features like quickness and simplicity are also descriptive for these fabled and impressive Viking Gods.

It is based on these myths that we have developed the audio series Asgard™ by going back to basics with materials, design and functionality in mind. These characteristics are reflected into all aspects of the audio products, from high-quality materials and top vendors, right down to the design and usability.


Clint - Asgard™

A long time ago we decided to change the mundane way to categorize our products from random numbers and letters to our old Scandinavian history; the Nordic gods.

Asgard is the home of the Nordic gods and to Clint®, the range of our new high-end lifestyle products.