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H3 Streaming Adaptor

H3 Streaming Adaptor

€109.00 EUR

Upgrade your Hi-Fi system with digital internet radio and music streaming features(DLNA compatible).

INFO: Clint H3 has been replaced by Clint H6

With our Clint H3 Streaming adapter connected to your Hi-Fi system, you will have access to thousands of radio stations from all over the world and to many local DAB radio stations that also broadcasts on the internet.
H3 is also DLNA compatible, so you can enjoy local music streaming from any DLNA compatible device on your home network.
H3 connects wirelessly to your Wi-Fi network (2.4GHz).

Furthermore Clint H3 offers a great choice of other features, such as build in weather forecast and color display with intuitive icons for easy and simple operation.

Connecting the Clint H3 Streaming adapter to your existing Hi-Fi system is easy and simple, using the included RCA cable. Operating the H3 is done easily by using the included remote control.

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