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About us...

The Clint brand was founded in 2008.

Behind the brand is a group of well-established entrepreneurs in the field of
digital audio and digital video with roots back to 1994.
The founders of Clint Digital were among the pioneers for
digital radio products (DAB/DAB+/Internet radios etc.) in Northern Europe.
The base and key foundation of Clint Digital is to provide well-designed
and well-engineered products.
Clint Digital takes pride in being an innovative and forward thinking company.
The product range is mainly developed and designed in Denmark
and is strongly focused on design and functionality.
Clint Digital strives to create products including state-of-the-art technology,
sophisticated design and user-friendliness for everyone.


Clint - What Does It Mean?

Definition of Clint | klint |
The word clint is of Scandinavian origin and are related to a rock formation
called klint “cliff”. At Clint Digital we define our name with solid and good quality
audio and video products.

 Clint’s Product Range

What do we do...
We focus on consumer electronics for use in the "digital age" of Audio and Video.
It's Radios for DAB+ and Internet radio, as well as set top boxes for digital
video broadcasting like DVB-C or DVB-T.
But our primary product range are our own designed and engineered
audio streaming products in the Asgard series.

Clint - The Asgard™ Story

In Norse mythology Asgard is the world of the Norse Gods and Goddesses,
known for their toughness, endurance and power.
Features like quickness and simplicity are also descriptive for these
fabled and impressive Viking Gods.
It is based on these myths that we have developed the
audio series Asgard™ by going back to basics with materials,
design and functionality in mind.
These characteristics are reflected into all aspects of the audio products,
from high-quality materials and top vendors, right down to the design and usability.

Welcome to the world of Clint®